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Quot Cia Leak Quot Movie With Kate Beckinsale As A Quot Judy Miller Quot Character Opens In December

The long awaited Rod Lurie, Nothing But The Truth - freely on the basis of Valerie Plame/CIA for loss and actors Kate Beckinsale as Judy Miller character - opens Dec. 17. E P wrote about this a couple of times, including a set piece from last December, which reprinted below. The film also stars Matt Dillon Alan Alda Angela Bassett and Miller real-life lawyer, Floyd Abrams, in small roles..
12.11.08 12:34

Leona I Quot D Love To Be An Quot X Factor Quot Judge

I Still Love The X Factor I Sky Plus Every Episode Maybe I Could Go Back On It As A Judge Not Yet But In A Few Yearsshe told The Sun.Lewis added that she does not see herself as being tough with competitors such as mentor Simon Cowell. The singer, who won the second series of ITV show, said she would follow Cheryl Cole from the stage to judge desk. Leona Lewi revealed that he would love to return to X Factor as a judge. I d be a little indulgent - I d be crying every few seconds, swear, he said..
12.11.08 12:34

Call For Entries For The International Digital Emmy Awards At Miptv 2009

Trade fairs organizer Reed MIDEM el International Academy of Television Arts Sciences, announced the call for applications for digital Emmy International Awards, which will take place at MIPTV between 30 March-3 April 2009 in Cannes, France.
12.11.08 12:34

Cruz Beckham Is Santa Hat Happy

Victoria Beckham takes his young son, Cruz, 3, at The Grove for some shopping in Los Angeles on Tuesday. C is also a key hanging from the belt! How adorable.. Cruz, the Breakdancer of the family, had considered ready for Christmas with his Santa hat! He also wore a mini-zoo of San Diego Jr zookeeper uniform.
12.11.08 12:34

Laura White Gets Boot From X Factor

But White Cheryl Cole mentor was the only judge who voted to keep her in competition with Dannii Minogue, Loui Walsh and all Simon Cowell election to save LorenzoEarlier this week in landfill Minogue white, from Atherton in Lancashire to win this year X Factor. In a sing-off against Ruth Lorenzo, 21 years, performed Somewhere Over The Rainbow who dedicated to his grandfather. X Factor hope Laura White has become the fifth competitor to start off the show.
12.11.08 12:34

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